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Karen H
Karen H
20:01 29 Mar 19
Tanya is an absolute miracle worker! She has been looking after my feet for the last 18 months & they have never felt so good. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, resulting in flat feet, & medical pedicures carried out in Tanya's clinic keep me walking comfortably. Tanya has recently supplied bespoke orthotics using her state-of-the-art 3D scanner & these have proved a great success - much slimmer than normal orthotics, so can be worn in various types of footwear. The clinic is extremely modern, very well-equipped & always spotlessly clean, in fact, it's a pleasure to visit! Highly more
elizabeth B
elizabeth B
08:15 24 Mar 19
Fantastic foot and overall health and well-being care. I needed orthotics to help with my neck and back pain, as I have very flat feet, but the orthotics I had from the nhs we're too thick and didn't fit in my shoes so I treated myself to some orthotics at Belvoir Foot Health Clinic. Tanya did a 3D scan of my feet and did a full assessment and now I'm a proud owner of some amazing orthotics that fit in my work shoes and my boots and my trainers. I have had them for about 5 months now and the difference they have made is unbelievable! My neck and back pain is so much better which is getting me back into my fitness and helped me back into work. Thank you so much Tanya! Recommended you to all my family and friends!read more
James C
James C
14:59 19 Mar 19
Wow! 2 years ago, I walked the Cleveland Way (175km) across Yorkshire, and was regularly running 5km. Just under a year ago, I developed a pain in my left foot which turned out to be Plantar Fasciitis, with days where I could barely put weight on it due to the pain. I spoke to my doctor who gave me some exercises but had no real progress over several months, with if anything, the pain getting worse. Belvoir Foot Health Clinic was recommended to me and I felt that I had little to lose. The clinic is very modern and has free parking very nearby. Tanya recommended a course of Shockwave Therapy, and a set of orthotics. Each treatment of Shockwave Therapy saw an improvement by the following week, and my made to measure orthotics arrived about three weeks after my first weekly treatment. It is now just under 4 weeks since my first appointment, and the pain that I have lived with for almost a year is virtually gone, and I am sure that it will be totally gone in the very near future. I cannot recommend the clinic highly enough!read more
Barbara Storrie
Barbara Storrie
16:12 09 Jan 19
Excellent foot care. Walking on air after todays treatment! Would definitely recommend.
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Welcome to the Belvoir Foot Health Clinic in Cotgrave, Nottingham.

Professional Foot Healthcare in Cotgrave and the Rushcliffe area.

Belvoir Foot Health Clinic provides professional foot care to patients with varied clinical needs. These range from routine treatment to more complex requirements, including  ingrown toenails, thick toenails, corn and calluses, diabetic foot treatments, and verruca removal.

The clinic also provides Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy to patients that have been diagnosed with acute and chronic conditions including plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinopathy (Heel pain).

Alongside of the clinic hours, there are home visits available Monday to Saturday.

Under Data Protection Regulations, Belvoir Foot Health Clinic is committed to protecting clients privacy when dealing with all personal information. All patients will receive a Privacy Notice explaining why their data needs to be collected. Patients have the right to see their own data either on a card or on screen.